• vertical-pump


  • Discription

    Specially designed efficient pump set to operate for longer duration and trouble free operations in
    working conditions. “PARESH” submersible pumps with water filled motors are cost effective, durable
    and energy efficient.


    • Vertical Openwell
    • Suitable for three phase
    • Motor rating from 2.2 KW (3.0 H.P.) to 7.5 KW (10 H.P.)
    • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
    • High operating efficiency
    • Water cooled rewindable motor
    • Light weight and easy to install
    • Easy to maintain with Interchangeable parts
    • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.


    Product Range

    Sr No. Bore Well Size Pump Model Out let Size Head Range in Meters Discharge in LPM Power in H.P. Single & Three Phase
    1 O.W P-V.T 2″ 16 to 36 125 to 410 3 T.P.
    2 O.W P-V.T 2½” 20 to 40 225 to 518 5 T.P.
    3 O.W P-V.T 2½” X 3″ 28 to 66 225 to 720 7.5 to 10 T.P.
    Material of Construction

    Material Of Construction(MOTOR)

    Sr No. Part Name Vertical Openwell
    1 Stator & Rotor Silicone Stamping
    2 Upper Lower Bearing Housing High Graded Cast Iron
    3 Rotor Shaft Stainless Steel
    4 Armechar Ec Copper
    5 Bearing Bush LTB – 4
    6 Thrust Bearing Set S.S. – 420 Vs Carbon
    7 All Stud & Hardware En 8 Steel
    8 Winding PVC/Polyster Insulated Copper Conductor Suitable For
    Water lubricated Wet Type, Motor Easily Rewindable At Site

    Material Of Construction(PUMP)

    Sr No. Part Name Vertical Openwell
    1 Pump Bearing Housing N.R.V. Body High Graded Cast Iron
    2 Stage Casting Core Suitle Cast Iron
    3 Neckring For Stage Casing N.A.
    4 Pump Shat Stainless Steel
    5 Impeller Core Suitle Cast Iron
    6 Bearing Bush LTB – 4
    7 All Motors & Pumps All Parts are made by using standard jigs and fixtures.
    Before assembling interchangeability of all parts are ensured.
    This helps the to customer for an easy,economical and quick servicing.
    Special care is taken to keep the dimensions of the components constant during the forthcoming
    developments. Used Parts are easy available in market.